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Cardano DRep Introduction

Last updated on May 28, 2022

Building the Future of Governance

I want to be part of the solution that builds a better, stronger Cardano for new users into the future. The earliest adopters of blockchain technology bear the responsibility to usher in the next billion users. I have the communication skill set necessary to explain difficult, technical concepts to lay persons. I also have a desire to be an integral part of the overall ecosystem, and a protector of both the treasury and the user experience. The DRep role is one that will hold a special responsibility. I hope that participating in the initial cohort, I can be instrumental in setting a very high standard of professionalism and ethics for future DReps.

I see the role evolving to one that will be that of thought leader. I believe that users will value the opinions of these Dreps, even when they choose to vote their own conscience, with their own wallets. I think that written and oral communication skills will be the most important, followed closely by skills related to interpersonal and empathic communication. Ultimately, users will need to trust the Dreps to provide them with a service that will enhance their experience on the blockchain.

For Cardano, my goal and my hope are mass adoption. I believe that a system built to operate to remove barriers of entry from financial and technical tools is the ultimate source of uplifting those in need. Together, we can build tools that will bring mass adoption and allow users from all over the world to experience safe and useful tools that will make an improvement in their everyday lives.

I am a husband, father of 8, Grandfather (“Pop-Pop”) to 2, and a 100% service-connected disabled veteran who served in the U.S. Army in the 1990s. I was deployed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope in 1992. After suffering a brain injury due to a toxic exposure, I left the military to focus on a career in Information technology.

My now 30+ year career has spanned Internet Service industries and medical industries. I was named Chief Technology Officer for several Internet Startups. I was the Director of Information Systems for a medical transcription company that employed 1200 Medical Transcriptionists. I later founded an information technology lifecycle management and e-waste disposal service, Computer Heaven of SWFL. I and my wife Melannie currently own and operate Living Greens Urban Farm, a vertical, sustainable, organic, hydroponic farm system that helps small Urban farmers improve and manage their businesses.

I am the Community manager for DripDropz, and I manage the Discord servers for both of those communities, and the SpaceCoins community. I am a regular participant on Twitter, in Twitter spaces, and in SpacePlace.

I participated in Fund 7. I have applied for and received funds in Fund 8 and built a challenge setting goal for Fund 9. I have two full time development teams working on projects that will launch on the Cardano blockchain. I do feel that I have both the experience and expertise to evaluate projects for their merits and provide a reasonable balance of risk assessment meshed with blockchain community desirability that will serve users well.

I am prepared for the reality that this position will likely be highly politicized. It is my sincerest hope that a measured, accurate, but kind, and transparent approach will set a high standard for those who will follow.

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