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Interim Constitutional Committee Candidacy

Interim CC candidate – Lloyd Duhon

Country of Residence United States

Are you an individual or representing an organisation or a consortium of individuals or organisations? Individual

Are you an Intersect member? Yes

If you are an Intersect member, are you currently contributing to any working groups or committees? If so which? Cardano Civics Committee, Budget Committee, Community Advisory Body, Board of Directors Observer, Constitution Drafting Task Force, Constitution Workshop Task Force, Media Standards Working Group, Working Group Process Task Force, Innovation Budgeting Task Force

Please summarise your contributions to the Cardano blockchain, ecosystem, and community to date. Cardano Ambassador, Active Intersect Member, Active Project Catalyst Member, CIP-1694 Workshop Participant Longmont, 5 virtual workshops, Edinburgh. Entrepreneur-in-residence DripDropz, Adosia, Mainstreet. Founder MelloD Designs, GM Cardano, Urban Farmer, BlockBounty.

With regards to the 5 measures of competency, and with regards to your contributions summarised in the previous question, please describe why people should vote for you.

  1. Over 30 Years of Operational expertise as an Entrepreneur, mostly in high technology companies.
  2. Much of the 30 years held roles in C suite as Chief Technology Officer or Chief Operations Officer, both of which required credential management & security expertise.
  3. Deep background in philosophy, history, psychology.
  4. Participated in SanchoNet, and CIP-1694 Workshops
  5. Host of GM Cardano and SpacePlace, Cardano Ambassador, regular contributor to other spaces, including town halls

Why is decentralized governance important to you? Cardano governance looks to be the single best opportunity to advance the state of the art of decentralized governance. The serious research driven approach, coupled with a vibrant community provides the fertile ground on which decentralized governance can flourish. To be a foundational part of that growth is a meaningful and wonderful path for me as a human and a Cardano community member.

What perspective would you bring to the committee if successful? A well grounded and reasoned approach to reviewing each governance action that comes before the community. A community first, power to the edges, inclusive view of each issue will ensure the longest term success for Cardano, and I intend to bring that voice forward in every decision.

Link to Official Application:

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