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Sunset, Guaranteed.

An advanced Alien race introduces itself to our solar system by stealing our Sun. Then they make us an offer we can’t refuse!

He is a comedian who ran for the Florida State Congress as a joke and won. She is an astrophysicist from the Space coast, working for a space tycoon billionaire. They thought they were just going for a brief cruise for an anniversary dinner. What they encountered was more than they could ever imagine.

Follow Keith and Amanda as they each play a unique role in assuring that the sun will continue to set for all of us in Sunset, Guaranteed.

This is my first novel, and I will upload chapters I consider at first draft/edited condition, on a *HOPEFULLY* weekly schedule.

**UPDATE 1** I will upload each scene as I complete it, rather than wait for entire chapters. This will give you quicker access and hopefully be more in line with how Wattpad works.

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