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A Trip to the Exotic Garden of Eze

Last updated on October 10, 2019

A winding journey to the highest point in the French Riviera.

My wife and I paused on our walk through Eze to photograph this lovely fuchsia blossom. At the summit of this medieval town rests the remains of a twelfth-century castle. The ruins are home to beautiful gardens with an unparalleled view.

Eze is an amazing, ancient place. There are street vendors selling herbs and spices, art work, and food. The town is perched on a steep cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. If you wind your way upwards through the town, you will eventually come to Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze, literally The Exotic Garden of Eze.

We stopped briefly at a vendor, selecting several blends of herbed salts and specialty spices, after tasting and smelling a wide variety of the offerings.

We then made our way to the ruins and explored the many varieties of cactus and aloe plants that were originally hand carried to the peak, along with soil to plant them, after World War II.

At the peak itself, we paused again, enjoying each other’s company and the spectacular view. The winds were cool, and the sun bright. You could easily see for miles in every direction. The coastline spread out before us, with numerous boats traversing the waters.

Lloyd and Melannie at the peak of Eze. Original photo by Lloyd Duhon.

We had a train to catch that afternoon, so we had to end this excursion. The trip down was less strenuous than the walk up, but we carried new memories with us that will last the rest of our days.

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