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Introducing DripDropz

Last updated on May 28, 2022

Your Native Token Vending Machine for Cardano

Would you like to have your Cardano cake and eat it too? Do you feel like you are missing out on opportunities to find new and exciting token projects? DripDropz is here with a way for you to continue to support small Stake Pool Operators, find out about new token projects on Cardano, and get access to drops that previously may have required you to switch stakepools.

The Cardano ecosystem has produced several novel techniques for raising funds to build out both virtual and real world applications. One method that generated tremendous excitement is that of the ISPO or Initial Stake Pool Offering. This method works extremely well for some providers, as they are able to offer rewards to their delegators that other pools may not be able to offer. The unfortunate side effect is the loss of delegates for smaller Stake Pool Operators, who often cannot compete with a new, exciting project.

This was well illustrated with the Sundae Scoopers announcement. Only 30 pools were selected to participate, and they experienced explosive growth, with some operators opening additional pools to accommodate the growth. This also left a large hole in the Single Stake Pool Operator community where many lost access to millions of dollars of delegation due to this scheme. This sudden shift to fewer stakepools is a cause for concern, because it affects the level of decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem.

DripDropz provides the entire community a solution that can help avoid future occurrences of the scenario above. DripDropz has the capability of providing native token rewards of any type to delegators of individual stakepools, and to the entire blockchain!

How it Works — Token Creators

DripDropz is free to participate for Native Token Creators. Simply fill out the onboarding form and provide details for your token. You will be able to select distribution to individual stakepools, the whole blockchain, or both, with higher or lower rewards, depending on your needs. You will need to provide the tokens to a special wallet specified by DripDropz. Your token will then be issued according to the rules that you set in your onboarding form.

How It Works — Stake Pool Operators

There is no cost for a Stake Pool Operator. We do recommend that Stake Pool Operators inform their delegators about DripDropz, and how they can use it to gain access to tokens. SPOs may also wish to contact Native Token Creators that align with their mission to look for ways to support one another. Our Discord server has special roles and channels set aside for SPOs and Token Creators, so that you can collaborate.

How it Works — End Users

DripDropz is your solution to discover native tokens and to begin collecting them. Each Epoch, you can log in to DripDropz and enter your wallet’s receive address. DripDropz will automatically search for all of the tokens that your address qualifies for, and allow you to select the tokens that you wish to receive. You will pay a small transaction fee, and you will need to provide the amount of ADA required to complete the transaction.

Participating Tokens


Every time that you make a transaction on DripDropz, you will receive $DRIP tokens. You can receive up to 1000 $DRIP tokens per epoch, per wallet. This token is distributed 100% to platform users. All 45 Billion tokens will be acquired only through the use of the DripDropz server. Tokens will be used to vote on the platform. Visit their website or follow @ContactDrip on Twitter.

The following tokens will be available at launch in addition to the $DRIP token:

ADA Shiba

Shiba Inu is the flagship meme token on Ethereum. ADA Shiba Inu, or A SHIB for short, is the 2.0 version of Shiba Inu built on Cardano, utilizing low gas fees and Cardano’s Extended UTXO model. Visit their website or follow @ashibtoken on Twitter.


Adosia lets you create, manage, deploy, and monitor customized WiFi control systems. Adosia pairs simple open IoT hardware building blocks with a freemium online platform — enabling a wide variety of personal, commercial, community, and STEAM education applications. Visit their website or follow @AdosiaIO on Twitter.


Formally verified and Peer reviewed MemeCoin Inspired by master Charles love for Bisons. Visit their website or follow @bisoncoin_io on Twitter.


We love the core values that built the Cardano ecosystem. That philosophy is why Bloom works within the network every day. We believe that all humans should have access to reliable, trustless transaction and banking systems, voting systems, proof of identification systems, along with any other tools that have been or may be created within this beautiful network. Cardano is the foundational resource required to forge an entirely new and improved economic structure. Visit their website or follow @BloomPool_io on Twitter.


What happens when The Ruling A.I. Replaces Total Annihilation with Hip Hop History? #NFT drop plus SWAG DRIP and $CHEDDA #CNFT. Follow @CBB_CNFT on Twitter.


Are you looking for ways to earn more from your ADA staking? Then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find an unique token that is backed by the pool’s performance. Auditable, reliable and trackable in major decentralized exchanges like in Harmony ViperSwap/MochiSwap. That can be used to help us build an engaging community for our colleagues ISPO build a loyal base of ADA stakers. Visit their website or follow @CheffWallets on Twitter.


Gimbalabs builds technical, social, and educational infrastructure aimed at helping all people learn to use Cardano. “Gimbals” are the community token of Gimbalabs. Dandelion is the distributed network that Gimbalabs is developing to help provide resilient access to Cardano. Gimbals will provide early access to the Dandelion network, and they are used to help incentivize people to learn and create together as we enter the Cardano era.


$GROW Token zooms out for a Hawks-eye perspective, what brings the most value to our ecosystem? Adoption. Everyday meaningful use cases are the key to becoming a global financial OS. For starters, $GROW Tokens will be used to make purchases in the GROW Online Bazaar, a global marketplace welcoming products from merchants celebrating every walk of life, including gifts that serve children and access to exclusive future metaverse in-game utility. Visit their website or follow @PoolGrow on Twitter.


The PREMIERE low-quality s#!t coin doggo meme token, exclusively on the Cardano Ecosystem. We are THE s#!t, we are NOT s#!t. Visit their website or follow @HoskyToken on Twitter.


Coin supporting the Cardano Stake Pool & Crypto YouTube creator Kaizen. Cardano ステークプールオペレーターとYouTubeチャンネル Our mission is to educate and empower. Build your legacy! Visit their website or follow @kaizencrypto on Twitter.


Music streaming marketplace, restoring ownership rights to artists and collectors’ rights to fans. The future of music is digital, and it’s on projectNEWM. Visit their website or follow @projectNEWM on Twitter.


$RESI is the coin for the Living Greens Urban Farmer Dapp. Community works when people who live near each other support each other. One of the best ways to bring people together is over healthy, delicious food. By combining the technological improvements of vertical, hydroponic farming with cloud computing, and small, community focused growers, we believe that community resilience will only grow, fostering stronger, healthier families and environments. Visit their website or follow @LGUrbanFarm on Twitter.


Your did it. Visit their website or follow @spacecoins_ADA on Twitter.


Tokhun is an NFT Marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain, established after the Mary Hardfork in March 2021. Tokhun was initially designed as an NFT minting platform but rapidly evolved into a smart-contract-driven NFT marketplace. Our goal is to continually improve toward a more intuitive, user-friendly environment where businesses, artists, and collectors can mint, buy, sell, and manage their NFTs. Visit their website or follow @Tokhun_io on Twitter.


$Zombie is a closed loop utility token for use in the upcoming “The Onadracs” video game. Players can use $Zombie to upgrade characters outfits, weapons and attributes, plus trade for other in-game assets like RSS and tools. Players will also be able to earn $Zombie for reaching certain milestones in-game. Visit their website or follow @Onadracs on Twitter.

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