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Save Favorites, Hide the Sh!t

Last updated on May 28, 2022

DripDropz Gives You More Control to Organize Tokens

Get Your Drip On

The team believed that if our service was successful, it would mean potentially hundreds of tokens being available on the platform. While this is a great problem to have, it does have some real usability challenges for the end user. As with most difficult problems in the rapidly developing world of blockchain, solving this issue will require a multi-layered approach.

Filter by token type selection at DripDropz.


The first and easiest to implement is a relatively straightforward sorting feature. Now, instead of seeing all of the tokens in a big list, you can sort by category, so that you can at least compare token projects of similar intent or design with one another. This is more of an “apples to apples” type of comparison, when you’re looking to acquire utility tokens, you don’t want to spend time reviewing a bunch of meme tokens. This is especially true if you are trying to cut through clutter to find specific types of projects to support.

Fave or Flush

Next, we knew that you would want an easy way to remember your selections. We wanted it to be intuitive, available where you are making your decisions, and easily modified. So we put that 💩 everywhere.

Explore Projects interface with the new 💩and ❤️selections.

You have the option of using the explore projects interface, the main “Drip It” page, and the new control panel screen with drag and drop simplicity.

One great workflow is to head over to explore projects, select a category that you would be interested in, and start reviewing projects from that category. As you explore the category, and find a token that you definitely want to collect, then just hit the ❤️ button. Similarly, if you see a project that you know for sure just isn’t for you, you smash the 💩. Go through the list and make as many selections as you like. There is no limit.

Better Productivity

After you have analyzed and tagged your personalized token lists, head over to the “Drip It” area. You’ll see that your favorites are all sorted right to the top, and (up to) the first 10 are all selected and ready to go. At this point, you can go directly to the withdrawal process. After spending a few minutes selecting my favorites, I was able to complete 3 drips in under 10 minutes when I dripped at the start of the latest epoch. Super convenient, and a simple approach to making sure you get all of your Drips.

The new drag and drop interface in your control panel.

Total Control

You might be concerned if you make a selection that something permanent has happened. While it’s true that those settings will stay between sessions, if you think you’ve made a mistake, it’s very easy to correct it. Just head over to the control panel, and look at the Token selection list. From here, you will be able to drag a token into or out of any of the three personalized buckets.

How to find the newest tokens.

New Stuff

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything new. All new tokens will appear in this box on their first epoch. So you’ll get an opportunity each epoch to learn about new projects, and decide what to keep and what to flush.

We hope you ❤️ the new features. But even if you think it’s 💩 reach out to us here or any of our social media channels to let us know how the new feature is working for you.

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