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Rewarding Our True Fans

Last updated on May 28, 2022

Introducing the Drip Loyalty Program

It’s Tsunami Season! You can now earn lots more DRIP every epoch.

The most trusted token delivery platform on the Cardano Blockchain wouldn’t exist without our most important asset: The horde of devoted drippers who come every epoch to claim their favorite tokens.

We want to do something to thank you, our biggest fans, for your steadfast allegiance. We want it to be big! We need it to say, “thank you!” loud and clear. So, we got to work.

Reward Tiers

The team has designed a suite of rewards for all of our “every epoch drippers”, to make your DRIP experience more rewarding. We have to test each planned feature to see the impact. It is important to make sure that these rewards build the health of the DRIP token and the platform. So expect to see several new rewards over the next few weeks. The rewards will even work together!

The data we collect during this phase will help other projects that might want to implement a similar feature for themselves in the future. We’re all about building cool tools for token projects.

Monitoring the impact is also super important to us, because the team wants to make sure we deliver the best experience to the community. We anticipate this program running at least through the end of the year. This gives us enough time to measure the responses to the various rewards and gives you a great opportunity to earn more DRIP!

How it Works

Receiving DRIP loyalty rewards is easy. For now, just drip each epoch, that’s it.

At the turn of epoch 340, DripDropz installed a new feature into the Phyrhose back-end system. The system now records the staking address of wallets who drip, and assigns a loyalty score, each epoch. With this score, we can calculate the reward bonus due to each wallet.

Each Epoch you will receive an additional 10% bonus, up to a maximum of 50%. The bonus will continue at 50%, if you don’t miss an epoch. If you forget, it’s ok, you can start again.

Using the new tool, we settled on a strong initial bonus to test. If you dripped during epoch 340, you automatically gain a 10% bonus amount of DRIP tokens in epoch 341 to claim. If you come back again, then you’ll have a 20% bonus for epoch 342. So on from there, until you have dripped for 5 epochs in a row, where the bonus will cap out. Every epoch after that, you will receive a 50% bonus, if you continue to collect your DRIP.

If you forget, and miss an epoch, you can start over! The first epoch after missing one won’t have a bonus, but you can accumulate the bonuses up to five, again.

Don’t delay, DRIP today!

Program Dates and Conditions

While we may change or cancel this loyalty program at any time, you are eligible to receive your first reward in epoch 341, if you drip during epoch 340. Epoch 341 begins 25 May 2022 at 21:45 UTC. So don’t delay, DRIP today! Other reward tiers are being discussed and tuned to share with the community. You will have the ability to qualify for each of the rewards, if you follow the steps outlined.

Rewards are calculated in parallel: they don’t “stack” on one another unless we specifically say so. Put another way, each reward will modify the base amount of DRIP that you receive, and be added together, not multiplied. This is similar to how our Droperators program rewards work. We just bumped up rewards for staking with Droperator pools as well. You can learn details on that here.

If you’re not sure what the base amount of DRIP you receive is, you can read Drip Token Delivery Details to see how we calculate your base amount. At the time of publication, if you have more than about 250 ADA staked, you will receive a base of 1000 DRIP tokens each epoch.

Rewards reset if you miss an epoch. So Drip every 5 days, so that you don’t miss your rewards!

Currently, only the DRIP token qualifies for these additional rewards. You can still claim all of your other favorite tokens at the same time, but the bonuses will only apply to DRIP.


DripDropz loves our loyal drippers, and now we have a new way to show our love! Withdraw the DRIP token each epoch to gain extra DRIP and watch this space for additional tiers of rewards that you can claim. Thanks for all of your support. We are so happy to build for all of you!

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