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Droperator Bonus Buff

Last updated on May 28, 2022

Improving Decentralization DripDropz Style

Better Incentives for Staking with Droperator Pools, Starting Today!

Ifyou’ve followed DripDropz from the start, you probably remember a time where it literally took days for transactions to complete. For those of you that aren’t aware, it was a stressful time, for our users, and for our team. You may recall that our large transactions were stuck, and we needed to Shrink the interaction window. We found a method to do that, and The Droperators Network was born!

About Droperators

The Droperators are hard working heroes. They are Stake Pool Operators who make sure that during periods of high demand, that the large DripDropz transactions get an equal shot at getting into block production. This practice benefits the entire Cardano community, because long wait times are bad for everyone.

By encouraging a wide range of stake pools to participate in the network, DripDropz also helps incentivize healthy decentralization across the blockchain. This goes to our core mission. We want to make sure that users have lots of options, and great rewards.

I am sure that you have also heard that we are building several buffs for all of our users to get more DRIP each epoch. The Loyalty Rewards program has just started, but we also want to thank our Droperators, and their loyal delegates. To do so, we are announcing a buff to all Droperator delegators. Instead of a 10% base buff, you will now receive a 25% base buff!

Program Dates and Conditions

Stake with any Droperator Pool and receive a buff of 25% of your base DRIP reward. This buff will go into effect at the start of epoch 341, which begins 25 May 2022 at 21:45 UTC.

This buff runs in parallel to the new DRIP Loyalty Rewards program. So if you are at Suite 1 for Loyalty, you will receive a 10% boost, bringing a typical wallet up to 1100 DRIP. If you are a Droperator delegate, you will gain another 250 DRIP bonus, bringing you to 1350 DRIP. At Suite 5, with Droperator buff, you could see up to 1750 DRIP per epoch.

Remember that if you switch to a Droperator pool, two epochs must elapse before you will be eligible for Droperator rewards buffs.


Droperator Delegators will now receive a 25% buff to their base DRIP reward each epoch. This buff will be applied in parallel to the new loyalty buff. Thank you to our Drippers, and Droperators. We build because of you!

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